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GeoSpatial Experts is happy to announce the availability of the new GPS-Photo Link+. It includes the most significant functionality improvements incorporated into the GPS-Photo Link product line in the last 5 years.

Without a current maintenance agreement, the new subscription service will costs the same as the current maintenance fee ($149/yr). You retain your existing GPS-Photo Link 5.x licenses which are no longer being updated.

New Features in the GPS-Photo Link+ subscription service include:

License management

  • The new web based Administrator's Dashboard allows you to monitor who is using GPS-Photo Link+ and deactivate or disable the license making it available for use on another computer

Sorting, reporting, and other output

  • Faster processing and output creation
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.3
  • Sort photos based on any attribute
  • Filter photos by attribute values, then group and create contact sheet reports based on those groups (the data from the first photo represents the group)
  • Ue groups to create CSV reports with one line for many photos
  • Crop photos using set aspect ratios for reports
  • Create condensed reports with larger photos and page breaks by group

Attribute data

  • Use 40 Memos fields (increased from previous 20 fields)
  • Open attribute dropdown lists in the Attribute Editor to add or edit data.
  • See attribute names and Memo titles when selecting data for watermarking, renaming photos, and selecting attributes to include in reports and databases

If you are an existing GPS-Photo Link user, please click here to move to the new GPS-Photo Link+.


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