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GeoJot Functionality

Quickly create attribute lists (field data collection forms)

  • Easily create attribute lists (forms) on your handheld device. Create drop down lists of values for consistent data collection, or allow users to type in values.
  • Or create list on the desktop using GPS-Photo Link. Quickly create your drop down lists from your existing database.
  • Collect up to 24 attributes for each photo.
  • Make items in a list required. Lock lists so that they can't be changed.

Train your team to collect field data in minutes

  • It’s easy! Select an attribute list, take a photo and select values. Click done and the data and photo are saved and transfered via the cloud. Done!
  • Use the camera on your Android phone to read 2d (QR) or 3d barcodes into one of your attribute fields*.

Collect consistent and accurate data

  • Share attribute lists (forms) between devices for consistent data collection.
  • GeoJot will maximize the geotagging accuracy of the internal GPS chips of iPhones and iPads by up to four times*.
  • The GPS Lock feature allows you to capture the location of the object instead of the photographer for more accurate geotagging.
  • See Lat/Lon, Elevation, and GPS accuracy on the screen while taking photos.
  • Select the way coordinates, distances, and directions are displayed in the app.

Review your data in the field

  • View a summary of attributes along with the photo thumbnail in the camera roll
  • See a thumbnail of each photo captured along with its location on a map
  • Review all of your photo points on one map, click on a point to see attributes
  • Select Roads, Satellite or Hybrid background maps.

Wirelessly transfer data back to the office for processing

  • Wirelessly upload your files to the cloud automatically after taking each photo.
  • Set the resolution (size) of the photo that is uploaded.
  • Have the program automatically create a new dropbox folder for the photos using one of the photo attributes you capture in the field to group photos together for storage.
  • Email individual photos.

QA/QC your data and create your custom output

  • enforce consistency and quality standards before inputting your field data into spatial and relational database systems through GPS-Photo Link.
  • Use GPS-Photo Link desktop software to extract the attribute data and create customized reports, ESRI Shape Files and GeoDatabases, Google Earth maps, watermarked photos, database output, .csv files. Learn more about GPS-Photo Link.
  • In order to access the attribute information collected with GeoJot, the data MUST be processed through GPS-Photo Link.

*We strive to keep the Android and iOS versions very similar to simplify internal training at companies that have both types of devices. However, the operating systems to do not always allow us to create identical apps.

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