A needle in a haystack – finding THAT photo

000001.jpg or 2014_123456. Not all that helpful when you have thousands of photos is it? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use the Search function in the Windows library to find the exact photo or group of photos you are looking for? Depending on how you collect your data, you can.

Windows has a group of 6 pieces of data that can be stored in a photo and then found using the search functionality in Windows library. Those items are Title, Subject, Description, Comments, Author, Copyright.

All data collected using the GeoJot+ app is automatically written to the EXIF header of each photo you collect. Usually when you create a form in GeoJot+, you name each field in your form. However, the app also allows you select those Windows searchable fields and drop those into your form. After processing your data through the accompanying GeoJot+ desktop app, you will be able to search your entire photo archive using Windows search. So you could easily find all the photos collected by Susan or all the photos associated with the light pole inventory without having to open a single file.

And even the data that is not windows searchable is still embedded in the EXIF header of each photo you collect. That means even after your archive your data, the photo and the data can never be separated. Years from now if you have the photo, you have everything.