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GPS-Photo Link and Ricoh Pro G3 Helps US Forces in Iraq

Route catalogue would not be possible without software

Thornton, CO, April 8, 2005 — Over the past few years GPS-Photo Link has been utilized by countless organizations, government agencies, and universities – now it is being used to help the keep our troops safe while helping to build democracy in Iraq. Along with the Ricoh Pro G3 GPS-ready digital camera, GPS-Photo Link is allowing US forces in Iraq to map and catalogue travel routes. Units are then able to identify exactly where an image was taken rather than just the general area, allowing a unit to safely scout a specified route.

“We are currently working on creating an extensive imagery catalogue to make available to units traveling our routes,” says Lt. Ben Hodgins of the 2 nd Marine Logistics Brigade. “These units will then be able to download the appropriate route section and ‘travel’ the route through the pictures…this route database would not be possible without being able to easily associate photos with locations using GPS-Photo Link.”

The Ricoh Pro G3 GPS-ready digital camera, introduced this January, has also been indispensable to the project. The digital camera has a CompactFlash GPS unit inserted into its base which automatically geocodes images as they are captured – this eliminates the need for troops to operate a camera and a separate GPS devise, saving valuable time and increasing accuracy. “The ability to take a picture and have the camera note your position removes many of the errors that occur in reporting,” says Lt Hodgins. “The individual is able to concentrate on the event and, later, during the debrief, he or she can refer to the time and location that was recorded on the image rather than some hastily scribbled notes.”

About GPS-Photo Link:

GPS-Photo Link, the premiere digital image mapping software, saves you time and money by automatically linking your digital images to GPS data and producing a web page with satellite photos, watermarked photos, street maps and topographic maps. GPS-Photo Link also maps an overview map tracking where the pictures were captured.