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GeoJot for Disaster Response Field Data Collection

Q: If we buy the app as well as the portion of the software for our PC, can we have some of the templates you already have for Damage Assessment, IA/ PA etc?
A: Yes, we can send you the attributes lists we have already created using GeoJot and then you can modify them to meet your needs.

Q: Hello, who decides and under which criteria for the importance of the disaster, is there an algorithm or a model that makes this classification?
A: During the webinar we discussed County staff going out and assessing the level of damage to a property. The county staff involved have been trained on doing damage assessments. The level of damage is made by the staff members, not through an algorithm in our software programs.

Q: what is the max number of attributes which could be entered?
A: 24 attributes

Q: I am interested in entering a paragraph or two describing the photo, is there a limit to field value size?
A; There is no limit to field size for the value associated with an attribute.

Q: Is GPS Photo Link a must have to run GeoJot?
A: Yes. GPS-Photo Link will permanently write all the data collected with GeoJot into the EXIF header of each photo and allow you to create all the output you will need for your information consumers.

Q: in the demo you showed, did you process the photo in GPS-Photo Link? or did you use the lat/long from the ipad?
A: GeoJot enhanced the GPS information from the iPad and then GPS-Photo Link wrote the enhanced GPS coordinates as well as all the attribute information collected into the EXIF header of each photo file. GPS-Photo Link also created the other output we viewed such as a shape files, word or .pdf reports, and Google Earth output.

Q: When will the app be built for iPad so that it will take advantage of the iPad style keyboard and resolution?
A: Right now we are focusing on getting out the Android version, we will assess the need for the iPad style keyboard and resolution for the consumer version of GeoJot after the Android product is released. However, this is something that could also be done through our professional services if you need it right away. Please contact John Clark for more information.

Q: When will the android version be ready?
A: The Android version will be ready in the next month.

Q: Would you be willing to do a coordinated webinar for a group of counties? This may be a project we could buy through a district grant.
A: Absolutely. We are happy to put on private webinars to answer specific question for your group. Please contact John Clark.

Q: Will you add USNG as a coordinate option?
A: We offer a full host of different datum and projection options through GPS-Photo Link.

Q: Can you configure the Map of choice to point to a corporately produced map, not Google or Bing?
A: In GeoJot, Google background maps are displayed when you are reviewing your data. We have looked into the ability to offer Esri base maps including custom maps and Bing maps hosted on an Esri server. This could be implemented under an Enterprise license. When creating your reports in GPS-Photo Link, you can use almost any background map.

Q: Is the only option for Cloud transfer Dropbox or are there others?
A: Right now DropBox is the primary cloud offering associated with GeoJot. With the integrated DropBox functionality you can choose to upload your photos as soon as they are taken or mass upload them at a later time. You can also create the folder in which your photos will be stored. GeoJot can also automatically create storage folders for you based on an attribute field that you select. You can choose to use another cloud transfer solution such as Google drive, but it would not be integrated into GeoJot. This is something that GeoSpatial Experts could add through its professional services group if it was a requirement for an Enterprise license. Please contact John Clark for more information.

Q: Does GeoJot handle Excel input with ease?
A: GeoJot data needs to be processed through GPS-Photo Link which can output into .csv format or .mdf (Access). However, GeoJot does not accept Excel input, you create your attribute lists on the phone or tablet, then the lists can be reused for different projects or sent out to entire field teams.

Q: Is it possible to get updates to the GeoJot software on the Iphone and IPADs? When new versions come out.
A: Yes, currently all upgrades to GeoJot have been free and available to all GeoJot users.

Q: how is the software licensed
A: There are two different licensing scenarios. Enterprise licensing and individual licensing. Enterprise level licensing starts at 30 users and includes GeoJot and GPS-Photo Link licenses, workflow consulting, training and support. Please contact John Clark for more information. Individual GeoJot licenses can currently be purchased through the Apple iTunes store for $99.99 (and soon the Android stores) and GPS-Photo Link can be purchased on our website for $349.

Q: Hi again, up to which point can you reach in accuracy?
A: The basic geotagging app from Apple has a low inherent GPS quality because Apple doesn’t use all the information their GPS chip can provide. We go in and pull additional information and therefore are able to get an average of 3-5 meter accuracy with GeoJot on the iOS systems. The 3-5 meters we are able to get is up to 4 times more accurate than the provided Geotagging app from Apple that works with the camera.

The Android operating system seems to use all the available GPS information and we are seeing that most Android devices get around 3-5 meters. There do seem to be some standards for Android hardware. However, there are so many different types of Android hardware, we can’t say for certain that there are not devices with lower accuracy. If there is one with much higher accuracy, I imagine we will hear about it.

Last but not least, using GPS-Photo Link, we can substitute GPS coordinates from a more accurate source such as a Trimble GPS unit and overwrite the smartphone/tablet GPS coordinates. High end trimble units can have submeter accuracy.

Q: Can you add additional outside documents to the report?
A: You cannot add additional outside documents to the GPS-Photo Link reports when you create them en mass. However, If you need this capability, contact GeoSpatial Experts-it might be added through our professional services.

Q: Will you be having educational licenses in future ?
A: Yes we already offer educational discounts through the Apple iTunes store. If an educational institution purchases 20 or more GeoJot licenses at one time, we are able to offer a 50% discount on that purchase. We are looking into how we can offer something similar through the Android stores but have not found a solution yet. Please contact GeoSpatial Experts for more information.

Q: Would GeoJot be available for purchase by students of Surveying, etc
A: Yes, Individual licenses can currently be purchased through the Apple iTunes store for $99.99 and GPS-Photo Link can be purchased on our website for $349.

If an educational institution purchases 20 or more GeoJot licenses at one time, we are able to offer a 50% discount on that purchase. We are looking into how we can offer something similar through the Android stores but have not found a solution yet. For more information on a bulk educational discount, please contact John Clark.

Q: if you had carried a gps to record a track log and then processed the photos using GPSPhotoLinks would the Lat/Long values be overwritten in the jpg metadata?
A: Yes.

Q: on the android can you read NEMA from another survey grade receiver.
A: Yes. There are two different ways to use the GPS information from a survey grade receiver. The first is that you can use the Geotagging screen in GPS-Photo Link to link the new GPS data to the photos. The survey grade GPS will overwrite the GPS information collected by GeoJot. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration on how this is done. The upside to this is that it is easy and you can use post processed GPS coordinates, but you won’t be able to see those coordinates if you review your data in the field. The other option is using a 3rd party Bluetooth app that will insert that NEMA string as you are collecting your data in the field. The upside is that you can see that information when you review the data you collected on your phone or tablet. The downside is that you cannot post process the data if it is feeding directly into the phone/tablet. Please contact us if you would like more information about available 3rd party apps.

Q: Can you use the computer or something to define a set series of attributes to deploy to a team, or do they need to be defined on each device individually?
A: You can create the attribute list on one phone or tablet and then send it to everyone on your team via email. You do this by clicking on the email button on the attribute list page. Have the field team members use their phone to read the email and click on the attachment, it is automatically loaded into GeoJot.

Q: Is cell service or wifi needed to capture the position or can the device capture the position through gps without the need for signal?
A: The GPS works even when there is no internet or WiFi. The Android phones and tablets have GPS chips and the iPhones and the iPad2 with 3G have built in GPS chips.

Q: Are the products currently on GSA Schedule or any multi-state purchasing cooperative lists?
A: GPS-Photo Link is currently on the GSA schedule GS-35F-0350S. Because the app is purchased through the iTunes or Android stores, it is not on the GSA schedule.

Q: does it collect good location data indoors?
A: That is hardware dependent, but the answer is generally no.

Q: How long does the battery hold a charge?
A: This depends on the hardware.

Q: Laser range finders would be nice!
A: We are looking into taking input from laser rangefinders.

Q: Can I upload pics from my smartphone to GeoJot?
A: No, you need to take your photos from within GeoJot if you want to add the attributes while you are out in the field using GeoJot. However, you can add the attribute information to any photos you have by using GPS-Photo Link desktop photo mapping software. You can also add or edit the location coordinates in GPS-Photo Link. If you would like more information, please contact us!

Q: Is there a way to edit the attributes directly on the iPad after the photo is saved?
A: There is currently not a way to edit the attributes directly on the iPad because of limitations imposed by Apple. We are looking into ways around those constraints.

Q: I hope GeoJot is available for individual sale. Is it?
A: It is. Individual licenses can currently be purchased through the Apple iTunes store for $99.99 and GPS-Photo Link can be purchased on our website for $349.

GeoJot for Android will be available in the Android stores for $99.99 as soon as it is released.


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