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Q: Question what relationship to space does the camara capture, location of camera or subject captured?
A: If you have the GPS lock feature turned off on GeoJot, it will capture the location of the photographer. If you turn on the GPS Lock feature, you can capture the location of the object you are photographing. To do this, walk up to the object you are photographing, Select the GPS Lock feature on the camera screen so that it is ON. Step back from the object and take your photo. Just be sure to remember to turn off GPS lock in between photos or all your photos for the day will have the same coordinates.

Q: can you add data validation to geojot. for example, you cant have an asset meet code if the user selects broken code
A: One of the greatest strengths of GeoJot is the simplicity so we are cautious about adding too much complexity in the baseline commercially available app. However, If you need this capability, contact GeoSpatial Experts-it might be added through our professional services.

Q: please reexplain how geojot scans barcodes and stores them
A: In the office (or wherever you want) create your attribute list, using one of the memo fields for your barcode attribute. When you are out in the field taking your photos, you select the attribute list you need and then go to the camera screen to start taking pictures. After you take each picture, GeoJot will prompt you to start selecting the attributes from your list. You will have the attribute called barcode in your list. There will be a text box where you could type in information for that attribute. To the right of the text box is a barcode button.

The first time you do this, the program will require that you download some additional software. Once downloaded, you just hold the phone up to the barcode and the program will bring up the camera screen. The program will read the barcode information and write it into that text field. You will know it successfully read the barcode when you see the barcode number in the box. Then you just go on entering all your other attributes included on your list.

Q: How many images can you link to a GPS location?
A: If you select GPS lock, you can lock in the GPS location and take as many photos as you like. If you are taking multiple photos of the same object, select your attributes once, and for all the other photos, you can just hit done when the attribute screen appears and it will save those same attributes for each photo.

Q: We have thousands of signs a lot of them are of the same type what is the naming convention you use to differentiate between like signs?
A: Please see the Esri data dictionary for local government

Q: Creating a shapefile for use in ESRI software, how does this work?
A: When you process your GeoJot data through GPS-Photo Link, you can choose to create a variety of output including Shapefiles, Esri personal-file-and Enterprise GeoDatabases, as well as watermarked photos, and customizable reports and ..csv and .mdf files. You just select the options for these output types and process your photos.

Q: Is there enterprise level licensing, or must each user have a license?
A: We offer enterprise level licensing which starts at 30 users and includes GeoJot and GPS-Photo Link licenses, workflow consulting, training and support. Please contact John Clark for more information.

Q: I work in our joint pole department and am interested in a way to capture assets GPS locations of poles that are not always accessible - leading to my question able what GPS location is written to the media, so if range finding technology was built into a camera, in theory you could capture GPS location from feet if not yards away.
A: The Ricoh camera can link to a laser range finder and that information will be written into the EXIF header of each photo. GPS-Photo Link will create the offset position during processing using the distance from the laser range finder. We are looking into adding functionality to GeoJot for using data from a laser range finder.

Q: How many attributes can you collect for each photo?
A: No, GeoJot allows you to add 24 descriptive attributes to each photo.

Q: Can you walk up to a target, lock the GPS Values and walk away to obtain a preferred camera angle for the picture with the android product.
A: Yes, you can lock in the GPS location, then step back from the item you are photographing and capture the exact location of the item instead of the location of the photographer.

Q: Will the app still take an image if you have no gps signal - eg let you add this afterwards? we work in forested areas with poor signal sometimes.
A: Yes. When you process the data there will be no lat or long for that image. You can then use the map in attribute editor tab in GPS-Photo Link to add that location information after the photo has been taken. You can also use the attribute editor to move the GPS point if you had a poor signal that resulted in an inaccurate position.

Q: Will GeoJot work on an Android tablet without a 3G or 4G data plan?
A: Yes, GeoJot uses the internal GPS chip in the tablet to capture the GPS coordinates. Without a data plan, you would need to download the photos and associated data to your PC instead of uploading them to the cloud.

Q: Do iPhones read bar-code also?
A: Adding a barcode reader to iPhone app is on the list of future upgrades but it was considerably more difficult to add that functionality in the IOS system than in the Android system.

Q: Does this work with QR codes or just Bar Codes?
A: It works with both QR and DataMatrix codes (2d Barcodes).

Q: What sort of cost is the app?
A: The price for an individual license of the GeoJot app is $99.99. The price for an individual license of GPS-Photo Link is $349. We also offer different levels of enterprise licensing for GeoJot and GPS-Photo Link. Educational and bulk discounts are available. Please email or call John Clark (303) 255-2908 for more details.

Q: Do you allow other organizations to resell or OEM GeoJot?
A:We have had several organizations contact us about including GeoJot in a larger product suite that they offer to their customers. We do have a model in place for OEM agreements around GeoJot, please contact us for more information.

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