These new product extensions enhance the ability of organizations to import photos and data in their existing databases and make all output more readily available to their internal and external clients.

For more information please contact John Clark at 1.303.255.2908 or via email. Click here to download the brochure.

Database Connect

Database Connect is designed for users who frequently import GeoJot+ Core or GPS-Photo Link+ data into their database. This extension saves time over current .csv or access database export functionality. In addition to saving time, it includes functionality to embed photos directly inside the database as a BLOB.

Features include:

  • Send GeoJot+ Photo Data directly to a database, locally or through the Internet.
  • Include a path to each photo which enables easy database query and reporting access to both photos and data
  • Supports most databases, including MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, ODBC
  • Support includes SQL Server Spatial and Oracle Spatial Databases
  • Optionally embed photos directly inside the database (BLOB)
  • Link the GeoJot+ Data directly to existing Enterprise Databases

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect supports Database Connect by enabling photos to be copied to a common database photo directory on a server. This is necessary if photos are not being embedded as a BLOB into the database.

Cloud Connect also sends all GeoJot+ Core output files to a folder on an internal server, to any FTP server anywhere in the world, or cloud storage. If all files are on an FTP server the html output can automatically be sent to a webserver and the html reports can automatically go live on the internet when properly configured by an administrator.

This cloud output also eliminates the need to email zipped files to customers or internal clients. — just send links, pointing people to the web address where they can download or view .pdfs or the other output files. Simply set output to the directory where your cloud or local Dropbox folder is, then the Dropbox or an alternative cloud service will automatically upload Core output files to the cloud.

Features include:

  • Copy the GeoJot+ Core output to a separate folder or FTP Server
  • The FTP option can copy the output directly to a web server, cloud server or company server
  • Copy any or all output types – Photos, Web Pages, Google Earth, Shape Files, Text files
  • Supports almost any Cloud Server including Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box.Net, etc.