Resolve Dropbox/Cloud upload issues on Andriod or Windowns Mobile devices

Some things to do in order to make sure that Dropbox uploads happen properly when using an iOS device.

  • Be sure that the device is running the most recent versions of iOS and the GeoJot+ App.
  • Be sure that the Dropbox app is not installed on the device.

When you are uploading from a place with a good Wi-Fi connection you can turn off Auto-Send and turn on Wi-Fi only in the GeoJot+ App. Then you should go to the camera roll within the App and select either “Cloud Upload All” or “Cloud Upload Unsent”. Be aware that uploading sets of 500+ picture may take 2-3 hours depending on connection speed. If you begin uploading and scroll to the top of the camera roll and notice that the small clock icon is not changing to an upward pointing arrow you may need to:

  1. Unlink/Relink Dropbox to GeoJot+
    Within the GeoJot+ App, go to Settings>Cloud>Provider click on the blue arrow to the right of “Dropbox” and then select the red box that says “Unlink GeoJot from Dropbox”.
    Close the GeoJot+ App completely (double-click home button and swipe away) and then restart the App. Go back into Settings>Cloud>Provider and select “Dropbox”. Select the Green box that says “Link GeoJot to Dropbox” and then click the “Allow” button that comes up. Go back to your camera roll and begin the upload to cloud again.
  2. Remove/Reinstall the GeoJot+ App
    From the GeoJot+ home screen, select the icon on the bottom left that looks like a silhouette. Click the red “Deactivate button” (you may want to write down the serial number if you do not already have it somewhere). Next, remove and reinstall the app from the App Store. To do that you can hold down on the GeoJot+ icon until it begins to shake and an “x” pops up in the upper left corner of the icon. Press the “x” and remove the app. Go to the App Store, search for GeoJot, re-download and install the App. When you launch it you will be prompted to reactivate the App.
  3. Delete and recreate the camera roll
    Make sure the GeoJot+ App is closed completely. From the main iOS screen go to Photos. Select albums on the bottom right. Click the “+” symbol in the upper left corner and create a new album. Name it whatever you want as it is only temporary. Go into the GeoJot+ Album, choose “select” in the upper right corner, and select all of the photos in the album. When all of the photos have been selected click the “Add” button along the bottom and add all of the photos to the new album you just created. Now on the main Albums page, select “Edit” from the top right and click the red minus symbol to the left of the GeoJot+ album. Confirm the delete. Hit the “+” symbol in the upper left corner again. Create a new album and name it “GeoJot+” without the “”. Go into the temporary album you created, select all of the photos, add them to the GeoJot+ album. You can now open the GeoJot+ App and go to the camera roll. You will see the number of photos increasing as it reads the new camera roll. Once it has read all of the photos, you can begin your upload to cloud.

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