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GeoJot+ TruPulse lasers for utilities


TruPulse 360B Laser Rangefinder - Field Data Collection System


The TruPulse 360B Laser Rangefinder coupled with GeoJot+ on your Android device gives you a lightweight, easy to use field data collection system. Capture the exact location of the items you are photographing as well as attributes describing those items, including height! Back in the office, GeoJot+ Core allows you to quickly create maps, reports, and database output.

TruPulse 360B Laser Rangefinder - Field Data Collection System includes:

  • The LTI TruPulse 360B Laser Rangefinder
  • GeoJot+ first year subscription

TruPulse 360B Laser Rangefinder
Are you capturing the location and of the item you are photographing or the location of the photographer? Capture distance and direction of the item you are photographing and Bluetooth the data directly to the your Android device running GeoJot+. Map the position of your subject instead of your photographer!

Capture height measurements! The 360 laser rangefinder has an integrated compass that allows you to measure azimuth and provides an extra onboard solution called missing line. This is a simple 2-shot routine that instantly calculates the distance, inclination and azimuth direction value between any two remote points.

This compact and lightweight laser rangefinder fits right in your pocket. Having superior optics with 7-power magnification and in-scope data display, you'll always be confident you are capturing the right measurement to the correct target. If your measurement were ever in question, you can toggle on the Closest or Farthest Mode to ensure the laser sensor is ignoring unwanted obstructions that are either in front or behind your desired target.


Use the GeoJot+ mobile data collection app to collect geotagged photos and capture descriptive attribute information for each photo. The heavy lifting is done by GeoJot+ Core back in the office. Map your data in ArcGIS or Google Earth, import the data into a backend database, or create reports showing the photo, the location on a map, and the attribute information.

Optimized for the enterprise, GeoJot+ empowers organizations to better manage their field teams. An administratorís dashboard enables viewing and tracking of app usage, as well as the ability to add and revoke app licenses. An organization can manage users or teams of users on their account.

The subscription service means that apps no longer need to be purchased individually from an app store. One subscription from GeoSpatial Experts can cover all your organizationís smartphones and tablets Ė the activations can easily be transferred between Apple and Android devices. Learn more about the functionality available in each subscription level.

Please email us or call us at 303.255.2908 for enterprise pricing or with questions about how the app can be tailored for your organization.


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