Resolve Dropbox/Cloud upload issues on Andriod or Windows Mobile devices

Most Dropbox issues are caused by the standalone Dropbox app overriding the Dropbox settings inside GeoJot+. It is best NOT to have the Dropbox app installed on your device running the GeoJot+ app. If possible, remove the Dropbox app from your phone or tablet. After it has been uninstalled, go into GeoJot+ ad go to Settings. Select Cloud > Provider > Dropbox and Unlink. Then repeat the same process to relink Dropbox through the GeoJot+ settings. If possible, turn off iCloud or any other instant backup services.

If you need to keep the Dropbox app then disable it while using GeoJot+. You can go back and enable Dropbox access to your photo roll when you are finished using GeoJot+.

If you are still having problems uploading you should “unlink” Dropbox from the device. This can be done by going into the Dropbox app and then going into settings.
Scroll down to the bottom and there will be an “Unlink <Device> from Dropbox” button. Unlink the device while you are using GeoJot+ and relink it when you are finished.

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