Asset Management

Whether your assets are buildings, street signs, utility poles or gas meters – GeoJot+ is the answer. GeoJot+ is used widely across both the public and private sector for asset management and asset inventories. What better explains an asset than a photo? A geotagged photo with embedded field data.

After the data is collected in the field, users can map their assets in ArcGIS or Google Earth, create watermarked photos for archiving, as well as generate reports, webpages or input into their backend systems.

GeoJot+ is widely used for:

  • Street sign inventory
  • Utility pole inventory and audit
  • Facilities management
  • Tree surveys
  • Gas meter audits
  • Pipeline inventory
  • Any type of field inventory

Geospatial Experts also offers workflow/process consulting to help your organization figure out how to maximize time savings from mobile data collection with GeoJot+, contact us. Our training videos are a quick way to get started with the GeoJot+ app for mobile data collection. To learn more check out our uses cases and recorded webinars.