Natural Resource Inventory


Used by National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife, BLM, Forest Service, the Nature Conservancy, as well as countless state, local and non-profit organizations, GeoJot+ is the ideal solution for disconnected field data collection for natural resource management.

GeoJot+ is widely used for:

  • Trail planning
  • Documenting trail deficiencies
  • Sign inventories
  • Facilities
  • Monitoring conservation easements
  • Wilderness inventory planning
  • Mapping ecological survey data
  • Tree surveys
  • Storm response and hazard identification
  • Vista Management
  • Photo survey and photo documentation

Contact us for forms, templates and detailed workflows in natural resource management. Our training videos are a quick way to get started with basic functionality for the GeoJot+ app for mobile data collection. To learn more check out our uses cases and recorded webinars.