GIS & GPS Data Collection

Across the globe, inspectors, installers, field crews and GIS professionals are using GeoJot+ for GIS field data collection. It’s design is powerful yet simple enough for anyone to use.

Quickly collect geotagged photos and attribute data then automatically transfer the data via the cloud to the desktop app where you can create ArcGIS shapefiles and Geodatabases, Google Earth maps, watermarked photos, reports, web pages, and output for other backend systems.

Use GeoJot+ for:

  • Site inspections -facillities, highway, pipeline ….
  • Site inventory, tree inventory, sign inventory ….
  • Field surveys – ecological, wildlife, land, conditional….
  • Compliance documentation
  • Photo mapping
  • GIS mapping
  • Proof of performance
  • Really any field data collection

Geospatial Experts also offers workflow/process consulting to help your organization figure out how to maximize time savings from mobile data collection with GeoJot+, contact us. Our training videos are a quick way to get started with the GeoJot+ app for mobile data collection. To learn more check out our uses cases and recorded webinars.