Since 2001, GeoSpatial Experts has been the world-wide leader in photo mapping software for business. And the new GeoJot+ field data collection system is now revolutionizing field data collection, mapping, and reporting … by embedding field data into photos. With headquarters in Denver, Colorado, GeoSpatial Experts is an independently-owned small business with resellers across the world – from Asia to South America to Australia, in addition to its home market of North America. GeoSpatial Experts has partnerships with Ricoh, Nikon, ESRI, Trimble, Laser Technology, and the Federal Government through GSA contract GS-35F-0350S.

Still widely used, the company’s first product, GPS-Photo Link, is software that maps your photos and accompanying attribute data – allowing users to analyze that data within a GIS system or create reports to share that information between organizations. The software saves businesses time, money and eliminates the errors often introduced during tedious manual data entry.

When the company was founded 14 years ago, no one was talking about geotagging or mapping photos. Few people had thought to combine a gps and camera much less use software to map the results. This was a time before the iPhone, Flickr or Google Earth. Now thousands of engineers, environmental consultants, government agencies, disaster recovery teams, conservation biologists, pipeline operators, foresters, emergency response teams, utility companies and many others depend on GPS-Photo Link to document and analyze data they capture through photographs. By bundling GPS-Photo Link with the Ricoh G700SE or any GPS camera, GeoSpatial Experts provides customers with a full GPS photo mapping solution. GPS-Photo Link also has the flexibility to work with any digital camera coupled with a standalone GPS system to geotag photos.

In July 2011, at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, GeoSpatial Experts rolled out the field data collection app, GeoJot. The mobile data collection app converted an iPhone® or iPad® camera into a photo-based geospatial data collection tool. Coupled with GPS-Photo Link, the iOS app allowed users to collect and map photos and data for compliance documentation, asset audits, proof of performance, and site assessments and more. GeoSpatial Experts is always at the front of the curve, allowing organizations to leverage the latest technology to drive better decision making.

In 2012, GeoSpatial Experts added the GeoJot Android mobile data collection app to the list of products. And now the mobile data collection app is part of a larger field data collection system focusing on the needs of enterprise users. The new GeoJot+ subscription system allows users to effectively manage large field teams across both Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile 6.x devices. With the GeoJot+ mobile field data collection app, and the GeoJot+ Core processing engine back in the office, GeoSpatial Experts is offering a complete system that is both simple and powerful – from field data collection to final reports.

With over 25 year experience that started at the precursor to Garmin, Rick Bobbitt, the company’s founder, is one of the premier minds in GPS, photography, and GIS. There is a new technological revolution underway, and GeoSpatial Experts is your trusted partner to help navigate the everchanging landscape and secure the competitive advantage for your organization.