GeoJot+ Discontinued

Technology has come a long way since GeoSpatial Experts (GSE) was founded in 2001. Back then, before smart phones, people struggled to match their digital photos with coordinates. GeoSpatial Experts pioneered this technology. In 2004 GSE paired our software with the first GPS enabled camera by Ricoh to create the first all-in-one solution.  Now, most… Read more »

Photographic Evidence

Geolocated photos as federal records in criminal investigations As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is particularly true when those photos also have data such as location, date, time, and descriptive text embedded in the picture. Photographic evidence can make all the difference when prosecuting criminal investigations. A single picture may convince a… Read more »

The Pendulum Swings Again on BYOD

Provide devices for your employees or let them bring their own …. that is the question. It seems that pendulum continues to swing. The upside to BYOD, save on hardware costs and don’t ask employees to carry multiple devices. The downside is generally focused on security issues and costs associated with managing that risk. It… Read more »

Google’s latest venture into location-based data

Esri is the company that first brought GIS into business and government organizations for better decision making through spatially enabled data. Google is the company that brought location-based data down the masses, most individuals now being direct or 3rd party consumers of their mapping products. Now Google is looking to use their infrastructure, both their… Read more »

Free Windows 10 upgrade – We did it!

So we did it. We waited one whole day after its launch to upgrade the computer in our conference room to Windows 10. Being at a technology company, it is in our nature to push the limits, roll the dice. It’s kind of geeky and fun to be the first people to see what new… Read more »

Android for Work – Updated

We see that smaller companies like small contractors are comfortable having their employees use their personal phones to collect work data using GeoJot+. However, mid to large size companies and many government agencies seem to be more reluctant and have more security concerns about BYOD. Android for Work creates a secure Work Profile isolating and… Read more »

Collecting ADA compliance data on a budget

ADA compliance requirements were originally put into law in 1990 and updated in 2010. However, because the mandate was not coupled with funding, many local governments did not gather compliance documentation until the Justice Department required the initial compliance transition plans by the end of 2012. Without funding, cities and counties were left to find… Read more »

LightSquared and GPS – Chapter 2

Many of you probably remember the hubbub about LightSquare and their technology’s interference with GPS receivers. LightSquared initially launched in 2010 to build a nationwide wireless LTE network other companies could use to offer their own services to customers. LightSquared entered bankruptcy protection in May 2012 after the FCC revoked its conditional license to operate… Read more »

Apple’s GPS bug resolved

We just received word from Bad Elf that the new Apple iOS 8.4 release has fixed the bug that prevented most external GPS accessories from providing location data. The bug was introduced about 2 months ago in iOS 8.3.While that is a relief to many of our partners and customers that this bug from Apple… Read more »