Apple’s GPS bug resolved

We just received word from Bad Elf that the new Apple iOS 8.4 release has fixed the bug that prevented most external GPS accessories from providing location data. The bug was introduced about 2 months ago in iOS 8.3.While that is a relief to many of our partners and customers that this bug from Apple was fixed, unfortunately they did not fix the bug we are experiencing with iOS not allowing our GeoJot+ app to edit data in the field. The latest beta of iOS 9 doesn’t either.

But there is always silver lining. While creating a workaround for Apple’s bugs, we are changing where we store photos on Apple devices, this will have the fringe benefit of simplifying some of data management on iPhones and iPads, particularly for people who take hundreds of photos per day. We are working on testing the new version of GeoJot+ now and we will let you know as soon as it is released! If you are interested in testing out the beta version, please let us know.

Posted by Rick Bobbitt at 1:28 PM