GeoJot+ Discontinued

Technology has come a long way since GeoSpatial Experts (GSE) was founded in 2001. Back then, before smart phones, people struggled to match their digital photos with coordinates. GeoSpatial Experts pioneered this technology. In 2004 GSE paired our software with the first GPS enabled camera by Ricoh to create the first all-in-one solution. 

Now, most phones allow users to automatically geocode photos and display them on basic maps. ESRI software has also evolved to incorporate these features into products like ARCGIS Field Maps, Collector and Survey 123. Other companies like Fulcrum have developed field data collection/mapping systems. GeoJot+ was created to fill a gap in technology, but with these innovations across camera, phone, GPS and GIS industries, there is no longer as much of a need for GeoJot+. 

Therefore, we are writing to inform you that GeoSpatial Experts is discontinuing GeoJot+ software. As of September 1st, 2023, your license will continue to function through its expiration date but will not be renewed when it expires.  

We are grateful to the employees who have worked with GeoSpatial Experts over the years. We know you join us in wishing them well in their next ventures.

Thank you for your patronage. We have enjoyed serving you and very much appreciate the stories many of you have shared about how you have used GeoJot+. We are humbled to have been part of your important work.  

If you have any questions, contact me at


Rick Bobbitt
President: GeoSpatial Experts