Strategic Partners

GeoSpatial Experts seeks to establish select partnerships with companies that will offer GeoJot+ based solutions that meet industry-specific needs. Please contact GeoSpatial Experts for more information.


United States

  • Applied Field Data Systems has over 50 years of experience in offering total solutions in field data collection systems. They offer customized and off the shelf GPS/GIS cost effective mapping systems for various applications to enhance your GPS/GIS Data Collection tasks. They also offer GIS Services. (GeoJot+)
  • Cedar Tree Technologies: Cedar Tree provides rugged handheld and tablet devices that utilize Google’s Android operating system, providing you with access to thousands of field computing applications for business. With the power of Android in tow and a ruggedness that can’t be beat, Cedar’s rugged handhelds will help you get the work done, whatever the conditions. (GeoJot+)
  • CompassTools Inc. specializes in field data collection tools, provides complete customized solutions involving: sales, service, rentals, support, repair and training for GPS data collectors, laser rangefinders, GPS cameras, imagery, and other peripherals, as stand-alone products or integrated field data collection solutions. Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas. (GeoJot+)
  • Duncan-Parnell Founded in 1946, Duncan-Parnell is a trusted supplier to the construction, surveying and design markets in the Carolinas and beyond. (GeoJot+ Core only)
  • Electronic Data Solutions: Since 1986, Elecdata has built its reputation by supplying quality instrumentation and unparalleled customer support. An authorized distributor and system integrator for GPS and GIS field data collection solutions serving Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, they offer total solutions based upon customer needs. (GeoJot+)
  • Frontier Precision Inc. has been serving the land surveying, engineering, and GIS professionals throughout the western United States since 1988. Frontier Precision is committed to top notch service and support serving North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. (GeoJot+)
  • Geo Tactical Solutions: As the leading provider of military photo-intelligence solutions, GTS is committed to enhancing and optimizing the photo-intelligence collection, exploitation, and dissemination process. Their complete end-to-end solutions are proven to improve efficiency and enhance mission results. (GeoJot+)
  • Precision Laser & Instrument, Inc. is an “Authorized Distribution Partner” of Trimble equipment and accessories. They provide comprehensive positioning solutions for the Construction, Surveying, and GIS industries by offering sales of top-quality laser, optical, and positioning equipment and accessories. PLI has service centers that have made them a “Preferred Service Provider” and “Authorized Warranty Center” for a number of manufacturers, rentals with a rent-to-own option for cost-effective solutions to supplement existing equipment, and training/technical support that is available with every sale or rental made. This training and support can further be customized by length or location to fit all job-specific needs. PLI is renowned for its high level of customer care, serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Southern Michigan. (GeoJot+)
  • SDG Systems , LLC delivers innovative solutions on rugged hardware platforms. They are a world-wide, value-added reseller of rugged computing products, and a provider of technical support, software customizations, and complete solutions. SDG Systems is a leader in the implementation of Google Android (AOSP) solutions on rugged devices and has been developing and supporting Linux system software since 2001.(GeoJot+)
  • The Seiler Instrument Mapping Department provides the right tools and technology for those wishing to populate their GIS and CAD field data and get their work accomplished efficiently, productively and within budget. Seiler provides the best integrated solutions available for your productivity success. Seiler Mapping is your complete Field-to-GIS solution. (GeoJot+)
  • Western Data Systems is your Texas and Oklahoma Survey Sales, Rental and Service of Optical, GPS and Mapping products. (GeoJot+)
  • WTH Technology has been providing GIS products and services since 1999. Their flagship product, Think GIS®, is in use on over 9,000 computers in over 1,400 customers in 140 counties in 12 states.


  • Toyo Computers Pvt. Ltd., a professional organization based in New Mumbai, India. Operational since 1997 and serving prestigious clients based worldwide for services like: Geospatial / GIS, Location Based Services, General CAD, and Localization. (GeoJot+)
  • LodeStar Motion Technology (LMT) is an international technology development, consulting and service, and trade company, serving the Greater Chinese Market (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Marco), Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia. LMT offers technical support and document services in both Chinese and English. (GeoJot+ Core only)

Australia & New Zealand

  • Laser Technology Australia: Laser Technology Australia (LTA) is the exclusive distributor in Australia for LTI USA for their full range of professional measurement tools including the TruPulse laser range. LTA can assist with the integration of Laser rangefinders with GeoJot+ to enhance your field data capture capabilities. Our specialised consultants can provide training and advice on how to maximise your results from GeoJot+ and GeoJot CORE in your data capture and management projects. (GeoJot+)
  • Johnny Appleseed: Johnny Appleseed GPS specialises in the sales, support, and training for outdoor sciences, services, sports, recreation, and GIS. All of our staff have specialist knowledge in the field of GPS, GIS and outdoor sciences. Number one retailer in Australia for understanding GPS, related software, and competitive pricing. Contact one of our five stores in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Online! (GeoJot+ Core only)


  • Cansel helps organizations measure, analyze, design and build more efficiently and profitably. It is the only company of its kind in Canada, providing unique and tailored solutions for over 40 years. Some of the markets they serve include engineering, surveying, construction, mining, architecture, manufacturing, utilities, forestry, and government. (GeoJot+)
  • Prairie Geomatics: The on-line GPS and accessories business was founded in 1995 by Art Dalton. Initially the focus was on the emerging field of “precision farming” but Prarie Geomatics now serves all groups using GPS. Their customers tend to be “outdoor professionals” (forestry technicians, environmental consultants, natural resources officers, etc) as well as individuals, government departments and enforcement agencies. (GeoJot+ Core only)

Middle East

  • Al Faris for IT and Communications: an IT solution provider were founded to provide our customers with the best-in-class solutions, we provide the customers with applicable services based on the world standard and modern technologies. (GeoJot+ Core only)

South America

  • GeoDesign Internacional was established in 1998 as a service provider and consulting firm in GIS and remote sensing. Application of these technologies is targeted at the corporate, urban, agribusiness, and the environmental sectors. GeoDesign offers state-of-the-art intelligence andtechnology. GeoDesign’s office is located in Lorena, SP, Brazil. (GeoJot+ Core only)