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GeoJot+ Core Software Versions

GeoJot+ Core (previously known as GPS-Photo Link+)

GeoJot+ Core is the new name for the latest version of the GPS-Photo Link software you have been using for years. GeoJot+ Core has the same look and feel as GPS-Photo Link but also has new features you have been requesting! The old GPS-Photo Link server will be shut down in December 2015. GPS-Photo Link cannot be activated or deactivated by current users or GeoSpatial Experts once the server has been shut down.

The new GeoJot+ Core subscription service will costs the same as the current maintenance fee ($149/yr) for GPS-Photo Link. If you are an existing GPS-Photo Link user, please click here to move to the new GeoJot+ Core. Or get special pricing to upgrade to full GeoJot+ and collect your field data with your smartphones, tablets and Windows Mobile handheld GPS units.

GeoJot+ Core Versions

GeoJot+ Core 2.5.6 February 23rd, 2016

  • Added support for ArcGIS 10.4
  • Added Auto Increment to the Forms Editor allowing users auto-increment a form field value after every photo is taken. This can be used like a photo number
  • Added the ability to Retain Values per field in each form using the Forms editor. Retain values must now be set on a per field basis instead of for an entire form.
  • Added support for ArcGIS MapPackages (.MPK files) as background maps to reports
  • Other minor bug fixes

GeoJot+ Core 2.4.11 September 22nd, 2015

  • Enhanced ArcGIS 10.3 support
  • Addresses from reverse geocoding in the GeoJot+ App now display in Core
  • Added duplicate file warning on photo import
  • Moving text box in photo now sticks
  • Fixed Elevation issue with Garmin Monterra
  • Adding and removing watermark items now redraws sample
  • Fixed bug -editing Field Type in Form Editor, shows Field 1, but when change to Field 2, shows Memo02
  • Fixed NPS concat problem
  • Fixed typing bug in attribute editor
  • Added XMP/EXIF for NPS
  • Added Author and Copyright as fields for NPS

GeoJot+ Core 2.4.0 January 6th, 2015

  • Upgrades to provide compatibility with ArcGIS 10.3
  • Data Collection Forms can now have up to 80 fields
  • Added “Description” for form fields. Administrators can now create desciptive help text that explains each field in a data collection form. This description will be accessible by all field users when they access that form through the app.
  • New easy datum/projection selector, to easily change the datum or projection
  • Added unique id to photo fields
  • Added Form Name to photo fields that shows the form used in GeoJot+ App

GeoJot+ Core 2.3.12 June 3rd, 2014

  • Sped up processing of photos
  • Implemented many memory optimizations, reducing out of memory errors
  • Created a work around in Google Earth output for specific cameras outputting bad EXIF headers - specifically Canon and Olympus cameras

GeoJot+ Core 2.3.6 March 14th, 2014

  • Renamed “Attribute List” and “List” to “Form”.
  • Renamed “Attribute” to “Field”
  • Renamed “Memo” to “Field”
  • Fixed overview map problem with ArcGIS .MXD file

GeoJot+ Core 2.3.0 September 9th, 2013

  • Added options to "Add Attribute List" in Attribute Editor, to add attribute names and values to memos of photos. Can also apply the list currently loaded to selected photos (like if you just added them to an existing project).
  • Added option in CSV and Contact sheet report to output Group By photos (If Group By is selected in Attribute Editor)
  • Added option not to create watermarked photos in Shape File, Geodatabase, and Access DB output. Unchecking will speed up processing.
  • Added support for ArcGIS 10.2 (Toolbar)
  • Made default maps Google instead of ESRI




GPS-Photo Link Version 5.2 was released on July 17, 2012

New Functionality in GPS-Photo Link 5.2

Generate New Report Types

  • Sort and select photos by any attribute for report generation.
  • Condensed Reports- Now users can create condensed reports which display mulitple photos per page. A condensed report includes a cover page with an overview map, logos, and title information. After the cover page, each additional page contains two or three photos. Each photo has an accompanying map and an attribute table specific to that photo. This report is displayed in portrait mode.
  • Contact Sheets - Contact Sheets can include up to 8 photos per page. The Contact Sheets do not have a cover page. Each page includes two maps showing the location of the first photo on that page. Next it shows each photo. The user may include a title above each photo along with the file name below each photo. There are no attribute tables or individual photo maps. This report is displayed in landscape mode.

Create attribute lists on the desktop for use with GeoJot and the Ricoh GPS camera

  • The List Editor in GPS-Photo Link provides a simple way to create lists for use in the GeoJot mobile app or the Ricoh GPS camera. This saves users from having to enter data on the device itself. It also makes it easier for users to add features like required fields and default values for GeoJot.
  • The new List Editor allows users to create lists (memos) by importing the list from an existing Excel/.csv file or by typing in the attributes and values.
  • GeoJot users- Attach the attribute list to an email message and distribute it to everyone on your field team using GeoJot.
  • Ricoh GPS Cameras users- Save the List (.mta file) onto the SD card you intend to use in the Ricoh GPS camera.

Usability improvements

  • Sort photos by attributes/memos for easier editing and report generation.
  • Users now have the ability to geotag photos with data files that do not have lat/lon. This is useful for adding attribute information to already geotagged photos. An example would be adding attribute information from an existing database to the EXIF header of photos taken from the Nikon AW100 which does not have the ability to collect attribute information. Simply use an Excel or CSV file with the filename of the photo as one of the columns.
  • Google Maps – Google Maps are now available for projects with over 50 photos.
  • Fixed Field Of View bug for some cameras that resulted in a very narrow field of view output.

January 29, 2013 5.2.10 enhancements and bug fixes

  • Fixed error when Geotagging with bad lat/lon in CSV file
  • Fixed Geotag wizard fields being reset and not using template settings
  • Fixed sorting of output when some photos were excluded or deleted
  • Fixed image direction being set to null when geotagging without direction

September 21, 2012 5.2.10 enhancements and bug fixes

  • Fixed error when Geotagging with bad lat/lon in CSV file
  • Fixed Geotag wizard fields being reset and not using template settings
  • Fixed sorting of output when some photos were excluded or deleted
  • Fixed image direction being set to null when geotagging without direction

August 31, 2012 5.2.5 enhancements and bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with creating GeoDatabase output from large photo datasets

August 23, 2012 5.2.5 enhancements and bug fixes

  • Users can now sort output in attribute editor by memos, filename, title, comment, subject, and description.
  • Added Offset Position layers in Google Earth, GeoDatabases, ShapeFiles (for use with a laser rangefinder)
  • Fix problems with ArcGIS 10.0 and 10.1 (GeoDatabases, ArcGIS Extension, and MXD custom maps)
  • Fixed problem reading NMEA GPS log files into Geotag Wizard
  • Fixed Field of View calculation for some cameras

GPS-Photo Link: GIS Older Versions

GeoSpatial Experts introduced its photo mapping software, GPS-Photo Link, in 2001. GPS-Photo Link has emerged as the industry standard in photo mapping, known for its consistency and reliability. GeoSpatial Experts is constantly pushing the technology forward with new features for GPS-Photo Link. Contact us for more information about previous versions of the software.

ALL PRIOR VERSIONS OF GPS-Photo Link are no longer supported for free. Customers with current maintenance agreements or subscriptions will recieve help with their activations for free.

When the GPS-Photo Link license server is retired in December 2015, GPS-Photo Link cannot be activated or deactivated by current users or GeoSpatial Experts. We highly encourage you to update to GeoJot+ Core (only $149/year).


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