GeoJot+ Annual Subscription Levels

field data collection system

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GeoJot+ is a annual subscription service enabling field data collection, mapping, and reporting. It is available in 2 levels – Team, and Enterprise. The Team level empowers field teams with enhanced functionality such as cloud based data transfer, and advanced list creation, as well as more advanced GPS, GIS mapping, and reporting features.

The Enterprise level offers both advanced functionality and 360 support for successful and timely integration into an organization’s workflows and processes. The GeoJot+ 360™ Implementation Blueprint offers workflow consulting & list design, customized training & documentation, enhanced support, and customized functionality.

GeoJot Features
Form (list) creation
Create unlimited number of forms (lists)
Create forms on mobile devices or desktop
Distribute forms to teams via email
Advanced creation including required fields, locked lists, and default values
Automatically sync forms for all field users
Data Collection
Within forms -use pick list, allow typing, or both
Barcode field data collection
Laser rangefinder integration – capture offset information, height, missing line, and distance & azimuth (*Android and Windows Mobile)
Capture multiple photos with one set of attribute information
Edit attribute data collected while in the field
Adjust GPS point while in the field
Navigate back to a data collection point
GPS features (geotagging)
Increased GPS accuracy on iPhones/iPads
Display GPS location & accuracy on screen
GPS accuracy warning
GPS point averaging (Android and Windows Mobile)
GPS Lock
Reverse Geocoding
Cloud-based data transfer
Offline data capture capabilities
Automatically push to specific cloud folders based on attributes
Automatically rename files based on attributes
Dropbox Cloud integration
Integration with Google Drive and FTP
Created customized templates for .pdf, Word, & html reports (single photo per page)
Generate Google Earth – KML/KMZ files
Create .csv ouput
Customized report templates allow multiple photos per page in all reports
Custom background maps for reports
Generate Esri shapefiles and Geodatabases
Integration with ArcGIS
Supports coordinate transformations
Create MS Access (.mdb) files
Batch renaming of files
Run GeoJot+ Core on your Citrix server
Custom functionality
Backend database integration
User Management
Administrator’s dashboard to track usage across all users
Add, revoke, and transfer app licenses between Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices
Manage multiple teams within an organization
White label or branded version of GeoJot
Configure app settings for all of your phones and tablets remotely
GeoJot 360⁰ Implementation Blueprint ™
Workflow/Process consulting & list design
Customized web-based or on-site training
Customized end user documentation
Enhanced support package