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Webinar Archive

  • July 28th , 2016:
    Using higher accuracy GPS with GeoJot+
    Watch this 20 minute webinar to learn more about how your team can couple the GeoJot+ app with a high accuracy bluetooth GPS puck, match GeoJot+ app data with a non-bluetooth GPS unit or tag GeoJot+ data with existing survey grade GPS coordinates.


  • February 23rd , 2016
    GeoJot+ for Trail Inventories
    Watch this 15 minute webinar see how DOI agencies are using the GeoJot+ mobile app and desktop processing engine to document trail deficiencies, trail planning, and inventory trail assets like bridges and drains for FMSS. Don't recreate the wheel, learn from others!
  • February 23rd , 2016
    GeoJot+ for Wilderness Characteristic Inventories
    This 15 minute webinar will show you how to use GeoJot+ to collect solid photographic evidence for your inventory. Quickly document landscape conditions, large scale scenery and detailed photos of segments and routes, capture structures or intrusions on parcels.
  • February 23rd , 2016
    GeoJot+ for Facilties Inventories
    Learn more about how NPS is currently using the GeoJot+ mobile app to document facility asset conditions in this short webinar. See how easy it is to use the GeoJot+ app. Get facility asset forms and templates for your project.
  • January 29th , 2016
    GeoJot+ for the Enterprise
    This 15 minute executive webinar provides an overview of the new features of GeoJot+ for the Enterprise. Learn more about how the new functionality can streamline and simplify mobile field data collection for companies with 100 or more activations.

  • January 29th , 2016
    Sign Inventories with GeoJot+
    Learn how government agencies are currently using the GeoJot+ mobile app for sign inventories in this 15 minute webinar. Contact us for existing forms, detailed use cases and worflows.

  • October 29th, 2014
    Smartphones and Lasers for Utilities Field Measurements
    Watch this 20 minute overview of mobile data collection for utilities. See how smartphones can be used with laser rangefinders for joint-use pole audits, right-of-way vegetation management, and proof of performance. Collect remote GPS location, photos, and data including heights and spans. Make additional pole measurements from the photos back in the office. Create reports and maps. Learn more about GeoJot+ for utilities.
  • September 10th, 2014
    Smartphones and Tablets for Pipeline Data Collection
    This 20 minute executive webinar provides an overview of mobile data collection for pipeline regulatory compliance (last 10 minutes are Q&A). See how contractors and employees can quickly be trained to use their smartphones and tablets to capture required photos, data and location coordinates. Use the data to create reports, maps, and input for your backend database. View the slides, Q&A transcript or the recorded webinar.
  • February 5th, 2014
    Field Data Collection with Windows Mobile, Android, and Apple Devices
    See how the newest release of the GeoJot+ field data collection system can now help you create an integrated field team of Windows Mobile handheld GPS devices along with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Easily transfer the app between devices. Get the most out of your equipment! View the Q&A transcript or the recorded webinar.

If you have purchased GeoJot+ or signed up for a trial, download the Windows Mobile version.

  • September 26, 2013
    Field Data Collection in Education Using Smartphones & Tablets

    See how to turn your students' smartphones and tablets into field data collection tools. See how easily students can map their data in ArcGIS and Google Earth or create customizable reports. Download the slide presentation, view the Q&A transcript (coming soon) or the recorded webinar.
  • April 10th, 2013
    Field Data Collection With Smartphones, Tablets, and Lasers
    Learn how to get the most accurate field data with your organization’s smartphones and tablets! By coupling TruPulse lasers with the GeoJot+ field data collection system, your field teams will collect consistent and accurate data, with minimal effort and training. Download the slide presentation, view the Q&A transcript or the recorded webinar.
  • January 16th, 2013
    From Field Data Collection to Final Reports With the NEW GeoJot+
    Turn your organization’s smartphones and tablets into field data collection tools. Download the slide presentation, view the Q&A transcript or the recorded webinar.


Read our case studies to see how people across the globe are photo mapping to solve business problems.


Download a 15 day trail version

Sign up for a free 15 day trial of GeoJot+, our new field data collection solution.


Training Videos

The GeoJot+ tutorial series consists of 5 training videos covering: GeoJot+ trials, Setting up and configuring the app, List creation and distribution, Field data collection, and Managing users with the Adminstrator's Dashboard. You can also view the GeoJot+ set up guide.

Check out the extensive selection of training videos for GPS-Photo Link. Topics range from a quick overview of the program to in-depth training for each step in photo processing and output generation.


GPS-Photo Link and GeoJot+ Core Sample Reports

Review our sample output including google earth files, watermarked photos, and shape files, in addition to the .pdf and word files below.

Standard Report - Overview map, Each page: single photo, two maps, attribute table (This sample has additional information on page two that was added by the user after the report was created.)

Condensed Report - Overview map, Each page, up to 3 photos with attribute table and map

Contact Sheet - Single overview map at the top of each page. up to 8 watermarked photos per page. No attribute tables




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