GPS Camera Ricoh G800SE

The Ricoh G800SE GPS camera     

The Ricoh G800SE GPS camera features include a compact design, 16 mega pixel resolution, Bluetooth and WiFi, HD quality video, image stabilization, 5x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, and various optional attachments and accessories. The GPS camera is ruggedized for harsh conditions. It is water resistant, dustproof, shock/drop resistant, and chemical resistant.

The Ricoh G800 allows for secure photos through encryption and write-once SD cards. The GPS camera also has the ability to scan 1D and 2D barcodes through the lens of the camera for barcode information storage within the image with an optional barcode module. The Ricoh G800SE replaces the popular Ricoh G700SE.

The Ricoh GPS/Compass module compactly connects to the side of the Ricoh G800SE camera to provide GPS location and direction information without compromising the rugged nature of the camera. The SiRF IV chipset provides high accuracy and fast fix times. The GPS and direction information is written directly into the image’s exif header. The GPS log function can track camera movement through a GPS track log.    Pricing

Contact us to order the GPS-Photo Pro 2809 package with the Ricoh G800SE GPS camera with built-in compass and GeoJot+ Core photo mapping software!

The GPS-Photo Pro 2809 package includes:   Pricing

  • The Ricoh G800SE digital GPS camera with
    • Compass / GPS module
    • 8GB SD card
    • Camera case
    • Additional Battery
    • USB cable, neck strap, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery charger, instruction manuals and warranty card
  • GeoJot+ Core: 1st year of photo mapping software subscription

GeoJot+ Core: 1st year subscription to photo mapping software
So you have a GPS location associated with your photo … now what? Introduced in 2001, GeoJot+ Core (formerly GPS-Photo Link) is the industry standard software for mapping photographs. In addition to creating customizable reports and digital photo maps, the software allows you to enforce consistency and quality standards before inputting your field data into spatial and relational database systems.

Review your field data, easily adjust geo-locations, batch edit attribute information, and automatically rename your files. All the data is written into the EXIF header of each photo. The photo mapping software creates output directly useable by Esri ArcGIS (shapefiles and Geodatabases), Google Earth, MS-Access, MS-Excel, and most leading data management systems.