The importance of workflow analysis

So often in business, we put our heads down and just plow through our tasks. While it is always good to work hard, sometimes we need to remember to allot time to find ways to work smarter. For those of us who have been at our current jobs for a longer period of time, this can become even more evident.

We all need to budget time at least once a year to analyze our current workflows. People involved change, requirements subtly change, and technology certainly changes over time. Even if our long lists of daily responsibilities seem daunting, we need to take a step back from how we are doing things, get a little perspective and fresh eyes to see if there is a better way.

Lately at GeoSpatial Experts we have been talking to some of our larger customers about their workflows so that we can better understand their realities. We are learning more about field protocol, back office work and how the data is finally used in the boardroom or with their customer. We are acting as their fresh set of eyes to see if there are more efficient ways to use GeoJot+ for field data collection and reporting. Perhaps we have functionality they haven’t discovered yet, maybe there are complementary products we know about that might make their expanded workflow easier or hardware that might be more effective. There might even be functionality we can add to our products that would make life easier for many of our customers.


Breaking away from our daily grind to help our customers break out of theirs has been a great experience for everyone – I highly recommend it.